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Merabi: To raise Russian initiative to the level of Security Council

"The Russian initiative for the return of the displaced Syrians to their country is serious, but needs to be strengthened and raised to the level of the Security Council," Caretaker State Minister for Refugee Affairs Moein Merabi said Saturday during a symposium held at the office of Caretaker Minister for Planning Affairs Michel Pharaoun.

Merabi reiterated that Lebanon rejects "any form of settlement of Syrians or other refugees in Lebanon...," and that "Lebanon is committed to respecting the international refugee law regime and the principles of international human rights law."

He also highlighted the necessity to exert all the required efforts to secure a safe return of the displaced to their homeland in the nearest time possible through the United Nations.

Finally, the Minister said that "the international community has not fulfilled its obligations towards Lebanon, both at the level of the needs of the displaced and host communities."

Source: National News Agency