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Future bloc renews call to facilitate task of PM designate

The Future parliamentary bloc held this afternoon a meeting at the Center House under the chairmanship of Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri.

At the end of the meeting, the Bloc issued the following statement read by MP Nazih Najm:

First, the bloc considers that the new obstacles that arose regarding the formation of the government were not justified, and that those responsible of them must bear the consequences. The bloc believes that Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri has exhausted all efforts to make the formation happen and that the stances he expressed in his press conference and in his recent economic and political meetings are sufficient to put things in their right framework and respond to all campaigns aiming to make him bear the responsibility of delaying the government.

The government lineup is ready, with the will and participation of most political forces, with the exception of the side that is still not joining the ranks and insists on imposing its conditions of representing the group of six members of parliament.

The bloc stresses in this regard that the role entrusted to the Prime Minister-designate of forming the government is at the core of his constitutional powers, which allow him to determine the appropriate options for the formation and to fortify the position of the prime minister in the management of public affairs. Some attempts to circumvent these powers and options are outside the principles and customs, and non-innocent behaviors to reduce the role of the Prime Minister-designate.

The bloc praises the efforts of President Michel Aoun to break the deadlock, and renews the call to be aware of the challenges of the phase, to stop the policies of wasting time, and to facilitate the tasks of the Prime Minister-designate.

Second, the bloc discussed the repercussions of the sewage flood scandal in Bliss and Ramlet El Baida. It listened to a report from the head of the public works parliamentary committee, Nazih Najem, and was informed of the decision of Prime Minister Saad Hariri to ask Beirut MPs to take legal action against anyone responsible of this scandal.

The bloc will not cover any perpetrator, or responsible of negligence or bribery, whatever his post or affiliation. All concerned departments and persons will be heard by the judiciary system, to determine the responsibilities and punish the perpetrators.

Third, the bloc congratulates the Lebanese on the occasion of the diamond jubilee of Independence, an occasion we hope will constitute a serious opportunity to renew the faith in Lebanon's message and its distinctive role in its Arab environment.

Finally, the bloc congratulates the Lebanese in general and the Muslims in particular on the occasion of Prophet Muhammad's Birthday, hoping that his merciful message would be an occasion for unity and gathering around the supreme values that unite us all, for the benefit of the country and the citizens.

Source: National News Agency