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AlRahi from the Vatican: Our martyrs’ blood implores us to protect our country against manipulation, preserve its diversity

Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Beshara Boutros al-Rahi, pursued his visit to the Vatican on head of the Maronite Archbishops delegation for the fifth day in a row, where they attended a ceremony organized by the Lebanese Maronite Order in honor of the Head of the Maronite Diaspora Foundation.

In his word on the occasion, Patriarch al-Rahi stressed that "the blood of our martyrs cries out to us to protect our country against manipulation and to preserve its diversity away from any individualism or alienation."

"Today, the Vatican newspaper carried the headline of 'Strong as Lebanon's Cedar', a phrase from Pope Francis' speech in which he deemed the creative balance in Lebanon between Muslims and Christians as strong as the Cedar," said al-Rahi.

The Patriarch considered that the Lebanese, through their diversity and numerous sects, are enriched by a cultural, religious and civilization pluralism that represents the value of Lebanon which must be preserved.

"Independence began with the National Charter, and with confidence and trust," he added. "Today we have to live together as Muslims and Christians in accordance with this live the separation of religion from the respect God and all religions...and to live in the beauty of diverse freedoms and recognize the general civil liberties and adopt the democratic system," al-Rahi affirmed.

Source: National News Agency

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