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Fadlallah: Government formation problem lies with PMdesignate

"Loyalty to the Resistance" Parliamentary Bloc Member, MP Hassan Fadlallah, stated Sunday that the problem of forming the new government lies within the capacity of the Prime Minister-Designate, who shoulders the responsibility for any failure to solve this obstacle.

"We want this government to be formed as soon as possible, but there are those who want to cancel the results of the parliamentary elections," said Fadlallah, stressing, "We want to form a government of national unity based on the results of the elections."

The MP's words came during a memorial service held in the town of Sultaniah in South Lebanon earlier today, during which he shed light on hour issues prevailing in the country.

"We are paying today the price of the fiscal, economic, social and daily living policy that began in 1992, the most prominent aspect of which is borrowing that has caused the accumulation of public debt...let alone the waste expenditure and failure to set an economic plan suitable for Lebanon, thus hitting the agricultural, industrial and productive sectors," said Fadlallah.

"The crisis in our country is the result of this economic approach that brought us to our current status...It is known who controlled the state's economy and money since 1992 until today. This approach has not changed, nor has the mentality of those holding the economic decision," he added.

Fadlallah concluded by highlighting the need for state administration officials to provide the necessary facilities for citizens in the absence of forming a government, adding, "We are following up on these responsibilities according to the legal mechanisms and channels."

Source: National News Agency

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