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Lebanon’s Ambassador to Japan celebrates Independence Day

The Lebanese Embassy in Japan held a reception on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee for the Independence of Lebanon, in the presence of Japanese Deputy Foreign Minister Nitkazo Suzuki and a number of ambassadors representing Arab and foreign countries.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ambassador Nidal Yahya said that "Lebanese expatriates are a role model throughout the world, thanks to their creativity."

Praising the deep ties between Lebanon and Japan, he noted that "Lebanese businessmen were the first to promote Japanese products in the Arab world since the 1960s."

The diplomat said that Japan's exports to Lebanon amounted to 700 million dollars annually.

He also referred to the crisis in Lebanon caused by the influx of Syrian refugees, saying: "This crisis is beyond the potential of Lebanon."

Finally, he thanked the Emperor and the Japanese Empress, as well as the Japanese Government, for their continued support for Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency