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The terrorist Daesh occupied in the Syrian city Deir al-Zour area after fierce battles and dozens of casualties

BAGHDAD, Daesh terrorist organization has occupied the Kranj area east of the Euphrates in the Syrian province of Deir al-Zour after fierce battles with the Syrian Democratic Forces.

"The elements of the Daesh organization entered the area after the withdrawal of the Syrian Democratic Forces, supported by the international coalition, because of the fierce clashes between the Kurdish forces and Daesh militants to control the region," local residents said.

Eyewitnesses reported the deaths of /47/ of the "Syrian Democratic Forces" on Friday and Saturday, pointing out that the attacks targeted the villages of Al-Bahra and Granj, in addition to the area close to the oil field, which is used by the forces "Qsd" military position.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency