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Alain Aoun visits Japan’s Ambassador: We demand fair, transparent trial for Carlos Ghosn

Strong Lebanon parliamentary bloc MP, Alain Aoun, and in his capacity as Head of the Japanese - Lebanese Friendship Parliamentary Committee, visited on Monday Japanese Ambassador to Lebanon, Matahiro Yamaguchi, for a briefing on the latest concerning the arrest of Lebanese businessman, Carlos Ghosn.

MP Aoun relayed to the Japanese diplomat many of the concerns and questions of the Lebanese public concerning the arrest of Carlos Ghosn.

Lebanon respects the independence and sovereignty of Japan's judiciary, and does not allow itself to interfere in the course of Japan's justice, yet it also believes that Carlos Ghosn should undergo a fair and transparent trail with full respect for his right to defend himself, away from the prejudices that have been deliberated through the media, MP Aoun said.

Carlos Ghosn has always been a source of pride for the Lebanese thanks to his professionalism, successes, and brilliance across the world, thus everyone is waiting for this matter to be cleared, the lawmaker added.

In turn, Ambassador Yamaguchi confirmed Japan's keenness on the of best relations with Lebanon. This issue is going through a judicial process that is completely independent from politics. Carlos Ghosn will get a fair trial like other Japanese citizens and will enjoy the full means of defense that he needs."

Source: National News Agency

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