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Bassil meets Ambassadors, Speaker of Belgian House: To address Carlos Ghosn’s case objectively, in accordance with international standards

Caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, GebranBassil, summoned Japan's Ambassador, Matahiro Yamaguchi, and informed him that "Lebanon is very interested in pursuing the case of Mr. Carlos Ghosn as a Lebanese living abroad and as someone who embodies one of the major Lebanese successes. This case is of interest to the Lebanese public opinion and the Lebanese State alike."

Bassil informed his guest that "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is following up on the case through all available means to ensure that it is dealt with in a transparent manner, in accordance with the applicable laws, in coordination with the French State and all the concerned countries, as well as with all the relevant Lebanese authorities."

The Japanese ambassador was also informed of the "confirmed information received by the Foreign Ministry that Ghosn's detention conditions had many question marks around them."

The Ministry thus "requested specific answers about certain conditions of such an arrest, wishing investigations would be finalized as soon as possible, without any interference in the judicial course, and while respecting all of his [Ghosn's] rights to defend himself and to communicate with his family and lawyers," hoping the dossier would be addressed objectively, in accordance with international standards.

On a different note, Minister Bassil met with Belgian House Speaker, SigfriedBracke, who said after the meeting: "The conversation was interesting, and Minister Bassil's position was very clear over the file of Syrian refugees."

He said that "Belgians in particular and the European Union in general have to provide more assistance to Lebanon to care for the displaced and secure their return to their country," and that "the EU should do more in this area."

"This is the message we will carry to our country and to our Foreign Minister, as well as to our European partners," the Speaker said.

Bassil also welcomed the British Ambassador to Lebanon, Chris Rampling, with whom he reportedly held "fruitful talks on issues of common interest and the situation in the region."

"We have exchanged views on various topics, and we look forward to a new meeting soon," Rampling told reporters, adding that he informed Bassil of his country's hopes that a government be formed as soon as possible.

"Clearly, there is a lot of work to be done, and we are ready to cooperate with the government as soon as it is formed," he affirmed.

Minister Bassil also held a meeting with the Ambassador of the European Union to Lebanon, Christina Lassen, with talks touching on the overall situation and the latest developments in Lebanon and the region.

Bassil finally received a copy of the credentials of the Ambassador of Cuba, Alexander Moraga, and the Ambassador of Korea, Kon Jung Dae, for submission to the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun.

Source: National News Agency

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