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The Federal Police carries out an inspection campaign in six villages in Hawija

Baghdad, The Command of the Federal Police forces announced the implementation of an operation in search of remnants and elements of the Daesh terrorist organization, in six villages in the province of Hawija south-west of Kirkuk.

The Command said in a statement that "the federal police forces carried out a large-scale search in the villages of Hawija in search of remnants and weapons belonging to the Daesh elements and elements outside the law to raise security tension in Kirkuk."

"The operation was carried out by the 6th divisions and under the supervision of the commander of the division, which was carried out in (6) villages in the district of Hawija (Mustaphiya, Syed Khalaf, Dagila, Bahr, Tanak, Silo(.

"The units found three tunnels, two explosive devices, one cache, a launcher, a day-vision, seven motorcycles carrying no identification papers, as well as the destruction of tunnels and caches, the confiscation of motorbikes and handing over to the judicial police station."

The federal police forces on Tuesday carried out raids and searches in the Alton Kobri area, northwest of Kirkuk province, and destroyed tunnels, caches and weapons belonging to the terrorist organization.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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