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Gemayel calls for forming a government of specialists to deal with the crises

Kataeb Party Head, MP Sami Gemayel, called Sunday for forming a cabinet of specialists to work immediately on solving the country's crises.

"Lebanon is experiencing security shocks along with the most serious economic crisis in its history, and in the absence of a government for seven months so far," said Gemayel.

"Is it reasonable, given the critical situation we are witnessing, to keep matters on hold in the country because of one minister, with no government to address the problems we are going through as quickly as possible?" questioned Gemayel.

The Kataeb Chief, thus, reiterated his call for forming a cabinet of specialists comprising experts from the economic, health and education fields to deal with the crises as soon as possible. He also proposed to include a prominent Lebanese army officer to occupy the position of Defense Minister to work on setting a defensive plan to protect the country against any aggression from any side.

Gemayel's words came before students of private universities who gathered at the Party's Central Headquarters in Saifi in an open dialogue session this afternoon.

"Building a better country requires that we be able to decide our own destiny," Gemayel corroborated. "The battle of sovereignty and independence, and the liberation of Lebanon and its decision are the basis, without which there is no meaning for projects and economic plans or even an electoral law," he underscored.

Source: National News Agency

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