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Reform Alliance: Completing Cabinet Will Be Resolved By Consensus On Candidates For Vacant Portfolios

BAGHDAD, The reform and construction alliance confirmed that completing the cabinet will be resolved by consensus on selecting the candidates for vacant portfolios, especially the security ministries.

"The view of the reform alliance is that Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi is responsible for his cabinet, and selecting candidates for vacant portfolios in accordance with the blocs," said the MP of reform alliance, Ali al-Sunaid, adding that " He does not have a large bloc able to support him within the parliament, because his choice for the post of prime minister was by consensus, which obliges him by the approval of the blocs in selecting candidates for ministerial portfolios.

He added that "some of the ministerial portfolios should be selected candidates by consensus, such as the Ministry of the Interior," noting that "the Ministry of the Interior has a special privacy not less important than the portfolio of the Ministry of Defense and should nominate an independent professional personality away from partisan and political loyalties. "

The House of Representatives failed the week before last, in its meeting to complete the cabinet after an altercation between the Presidency and Saairun Alliance because of the meeting without a quorum.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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