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Italian Interior Minister to NNA: Our UNIFIL contingent’s performance is good and must carry on

Italy's Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini, maintained that the "performance of the UNIFIL's Italian contingent in south Lebanon is good and it must carry on," in remarks to the National News Agency Tuesday.

"I am against downsizing the contingent, whose members are contributing to stability and helping the locals," Salvini said.

Commenting on the recent events in France, he said: "We've been aware of Macron's fictive personality, and he has failed in treating the economic and social conditions."

Stressing on his love for the French people, Salvini wished "happiness and stability for the great people of France, who is capable of overcoming the crisis."

He went on to say that what took place in France did not happen in Italy because the government had addressed all issues properly.

"All emigrants, including those with an illegal status, have the full right to health and social care until their dossiers are finalized," he said, promising further measures against illegitimate foreigners.

He also accused Italian NGOs operating in the rescue zone of connivance with criminal organizations dealing with human trafficking and smuggling.

Moreover, he indicated that the number of refugees coming to Italy decreased by 90% since the appointment of the current government.

Source: National News Agency

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