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US Secretary of Energy: The Reason For Being in Baghdad Today Is To Send A Clear Message To Support Iraq And Build An Economic Security Base

BAGHDAD, US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry said the reason for his presence in Baghdad today was to send a clear message to support Iraq and build an economic security base.

"The words of the Iraqi ministers of electricity and oil correspond to our vision to develop all economic sectors in addition to the private sector. Today's forum is the largest delegation of the American Chamber of Commerce this year, which is evidence of the keenness to develop the Iraqi economy and to restore the glory and greatness of Iraq and its civilization," Perry said at a press conference held today at the Babylon Hotel.

Perry responded to the question: Will Iraq be allowed to be exempted from sanctions against Iran? Perry said: The fact that the enthusiasm of US companies does not mean ignoring the existing things. There is an erroneous treatment of the US State Department on travel to Iraq. We talked about positive opportunities in light of Iraq's energy challenges.

He stressed that the most important is our presence in Iraq and offer more US technology to sign certain contracts, which is a sign of openness to the Iraqi government to move quickly to improve its infrastructure.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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