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Abdul Mahdi: The decision to open the Green Zone is irreversible .. And the external dictates has been surpassed

BAGHDAD, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi confirmed that "the opening of the Green Zone is a final decision." He pointed out that "the time of dictations on Iraq has been irrevocable and has been surpassed."

"We are keen on our people, just as we are keen on diplomatic missions, and the decision to open the Green Zone will continue to be extended until it is fully opened," Abdul Mahdi said at his weekly press conference.

"The official must live the conditions of his people, we will not protect the official and leave our people."

"The improvement in security has been reflected in the arrival of international delegations, in addition to the visits of Presidents, Prime Ministers and others.

He said: "We met a few days ago with Ambassadors of a number of European countries to discuss the promotion of cooperation in all fields."

The Iraqi side is not part of the sanctions regime on Iran, and the US side understands Iraq's need for gas to save energy. An Iraqi delegation will go to Washington soon to discuss the issue of Iraq's exception and the extension of its gas import period.

He said: "Iraq was keen to strengthen cooperation with Arab and regional countries," noting that: "It was agreed during the meeting of the Lebanese Foreign Minister to a tripartite meeting with Jordan."

He stressed that "any cooperation between Iraq and Arab countries, Turkey and Iran is an internal Iraqi matter to serve the country and strengthen its capabilities."

"I had the freedom to choose 8 or 9 ministers, and the rest of the ministers are subject to political agreements," he said. "The Reform and Construction blocs are providing the names and I have to choose them according to efficiency and professionalism ... The choice of the Interior and Defense Ministries was the choice of political blocs regardless of the opinion of the Prime Minister in the personalities. "

He continued: "The House of Representatives has the main authority in the country, and it has the right to take the right time.

On the subject of housing, he said: "We have maps of housing units and financing with the distribution of land free of charge or similar to the needy."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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