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Aoun cables condolences to Macron, tells Kardel Lebanon awaits outcome of UNIFIL reports on tunnels

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, on Thursday cabled French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, expressing his heartfelt condolences on the victims of the terrorist attack which rattled the French city of Strasbourg two days ago. Aoun described the attack as a despicable and cowardly act".

"Lebanon, which has suffered for years from this kind of barbarism, shares the pain of the French people and applauds the determination of President Macaron to eradicate this plague, Aoun said, highlighting the values of freedom, courage, and solidarity that Lebanon shares with France.

On another level, President Aoun welcomed today UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, Pernille Dahler Kardel, and informed her that Lebanon awaited the results of UNIFIL's field reports on south Lebanon tunnels, and whether they do cross the blue line, as per the Israeli enemy's allegations, or not.

"Lebanon is following up on this issue carefully so as not to be exploited by Israel to hit the stability of the southern region, Aoun confirmed, expressing Lebanon's intention to do its best to cooperate with the international community concerning the points that have been highlighted by the Security Council during its meeting on the situation in Lebanon.

In turn, Kardel confirmed that the United Nations continued its support for Lebanon at all levels.

Separately, President Aoun received a delegation of the Middle East Advisory Council RAND � Center for Public Policy in the Middle East, who visited him in the company of former US Ambassador to Lebanon, Ryan Crocker. The delegation discussed with the President of the Republic the general situation in Lebanon, and the repercussions of the Syrian war on the country at the political, security, and economic levels.

Lebanon is characterized by its religious and political pluralism, as well as its democracy, yet sometimes it is difficult to reach solutions in a democratic way, Aoun told his visitors.

He also addressed the cabinet formation crisis, pointing to the differences between political parties. I am working hard to put an end to standing issues by means of resuming this week's meetings with concerned parties, Aoun added, stressing that the country's economic situation is difficult.

Things are not impossible. We will take appropriate measures and implement structural reforms within the framework of the economic system. We will also launch developmental projects with European assistance, to start the reconstruction of Lebanon and implement a new economic plan, Aoun said.

The president went on to explain to his visitors that the refugee burden in Lebanon affected the nation at the economic, security, social, educational, and even hospitalization levels.

Lebanon's infrastructure is inadequate and can't bear these burdens, and in spite of all the assistance, refugees are living in tents in miserable conditions," Aoun said.

The President finally thanked "the United States for its military assistance to the Lebanese Army, which helps prepare and train it."

Moreover, President Aoun welcomed at Baabda Palace today President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Jean Fahed, and discussed with him an array of judicial affairs, in addition to the work of Lebanese courts.

Judge Fahed said that he had discussed with President Aoun "the ongoing preparations to mark the 100th anniversary of the Court of Cassation in Lebanon, and the outcome of the Supreme Judicial Council's participation in the Francophone High Judicial Council Conference in Brussels.

Later during the day, President Aoun met in the presence of President of the National Commission for Lebanese Women, Claudine Aoun Roukoz, French director, Michel Oselo, the writer and director of the movie DILILI A PARIS".

Source: National News Agency

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