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Sarraf signs military cooperation agreement with Brazilian Minister

Caretaker National Defense Minister, Yaacoub Sarraf, on Friday signed a military cooperation agreement with Brazilian State Minister for Presidential Affairs, Carlos Eduardo Xavier Marun, in the presence of Brazilian Ambassador Paulo Cordeiro De Andrade Pinto.

Minister Sarraf welcomed on Friday at his office the visiting Brazilian State Minister and his accompanying delegation.

Sarraf underlined the importance of today's agreement signature which aims to strengthen bilateral relations through military cooperation, especially in terms of military education and training, information exchange and technical cooperation.

Sarraf hailed the significant historical relations between the Lebanese and Brazilian peoples.

In reply to questions about the incidents in the city of Baalbeck, Sarraf stressed the absolute political support for the army to preserve the security and stability of Lebanon, saluting the great sacrifices paid by the military.

Marun, for his part, stressed the importance of the agreement as a step to consolidate bilateral relations, thanking Minister Sarraf for his efforts in this regard.

He also saluted the Lebanese army that defeated terrorism, affirming his country's support to the Lebanese army.

Source: National News Agency

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