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ElKhalil honors UAE Ambassador in Hasbaya: We honor a history rich in cooperation, giving and noble stances

Development and Liberation Parliamentary Bloc Member, MP Anwar El-Khalil, held a luncheon at Dar Hasbaya on Saturday in honor of UAE Ambassador to Lebanon, Hamad Saeed Al Shamsi, in the presence of senior officials and prominent dignitaries.

"A high-class diplomat who builds with remarkable activity the brotherly relations between Lebanon and the UAE...and culturally gives the historical relations between our two countries human and social values that are a creative embodiment of the values and humanitarian approach of the United Arab Emirates," said El-Khalil in a word of appreciation of Al Shamsi's outstanding role.

El-Khalil praised the strong and brotherly ties between Lebanon and UAE, describing the latter as a "state of goodness and generous hospitality, a state of peace and moderation, a state of modernity and progress...and the state of Arab values."

"We recall with great gratitude and admiration the founder of the United Arab Emirates, His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Nahyan, and his pioneering role in supporting Lebanon and standing by his great nation in all fields," highlighted El-Khalil.

"The UAE established its second embassy in the world in Beirut and the UAE is Lebanon's partner in growth, development and prosperity since 1974," he said.

"For half a century now, the UAE has been an affectionate sister to Lebanon and the Lebanese. It has supported them in all their just causes and stood by Lebanon in international forums and has been a partner in strengthening the elements of internal stability and the return of the state to exercise its role after the cessation of internal fighting and the adoption of the Taef Accord...and has helped them withstand the Israeli occupation and its repeated aggressions," El-Khalil went on.

"Honoring His Excellency Hamad bin Saeed Al Shamsi is a tribute to all this history of cooperation, generosity and the noble positions of the UAE...It is a tribute to the positive and intelligent diplomacy that establishes great areas of trust and respect," El-Khalil corroborated.

In turn, Ambassador Al Shamsi thanked MP El-Khalil saying, "My presence today in this region is the presence of love and conveying a message from the UAE, both government and people, to this dear country. The UAE is present in Lebanon to contribute to its wellness and we continue to provide assistance in various fields."

He added that the UAE's policy towards Lebanon is a humanitarian policy, hoping that "the South will be stable so that all of Lebanon would be stable," and that "the economy would return to its normal capable state."

"We also hope that there will be a government in the near future to address all outstanding issues in all fields, especially at the economic level and with the support of all regional and international countries," Al Shamsi underlined.

El-Khalil presented the UAE Ambassador with an honorary shield representing the Southern region of Hasbaya as a token of sincere appreciation for his relentless efforts and his country's continuous support.

Source: National News Agency

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