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Mikati visits Dar ElFatwa: Implementing Constitution is the best solution

Grand Mufti of the Lebanese Republic, Sheikh Abdul Latif Darian, welcomed Saturday afternoon former PM Najib Mikati at "Dar El-Fatwa".

Talks between the pair focused on the general situation and the stalled cabinet formation issue.

"We must strengthen the internal community in face of the challenges ahead, and the basis is to follow-up on the implementation of the Taif Agreement and the full implementation of the Constitution because it is the best solution for all," Mikati said after meeting.

"By virtue of our responsibility in preserving the country's interests, we defend this Agreement and adhere to the document of national reconciliation, demanding the full implementation of its provisions while holding on to the powers of the Prime Minister guaranteed by the Constitution," he underscored.

The MP also spoke about the economic challenges facing the country because of the delay in forming the government, in addition to the threats of the Israeli enemy to Lebanon and the need to fortify the internal situation to confront them.

Source: National News Agency

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