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Bassil patronizes Christmas Recital in Marjayoun: God willing, we will have a government of national unity with fair representation

Caretaker Foreign Affairs Minister Gebran Bassil patronized Sunday a Christmas recital organized by the Marjayoun and Hasbaya district at Bishop Boulos Khoury's Cultural Center in Marjayoun.

Addressing the attending crowd, Bassil said, "We have come here to tell you that you are not forgotten, and the festive season without you is not a holiday, and if you are not okay, we are not okay and Lebanon is not okay."

Bassil hoped that all days would be filled with festivities, adding, "God willing, we will come to you with a Christmas gift which is to form a government, and this will be a feast for all the Lebanese, but we must preserve the value of this feast."

"We want to bring you a solution, and the solution lies in eliminating any injustice or compulsion or monopoly...while ensuring a fair representation within a government of national unity," he indicated.

"You are living in a blessed land...and you have a sea in the South where there is an oil wealth which we will never relinquish...and you have the most important blessing of diversity in this region, and this is the true steadfastness against the racism of Israel and the racism of terrorism," he went on.

Bassil then questioned about the ongoing Israeli violations "which occur 150 times a month against our sovereignty and our country and our airspace..."

"Is this not a breach?" he wondered. "The world is silent about this. The world has no right to speak of one violation and be biased, so we must always defend our rights, our country and the sovereignty of our nation," Bassil corroborated.

Source: National News Agency

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