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Al-Jazeera Operations Command Implements A Security Operation In Zawia Village In Anbar

BAGHDAD, Al-Jazeera Operations Command carried out a security operation in Al-Zawia village in Anbar province, which resulted in finding three homemade rockets' launchers , three guided missiles and a 120-mm mortar shell from the remnants of Daesh terrorist gangs.

The spokesman of the Security Information Center, Brigadier Yahiya Rasool said today: "The leadership of Al-Jazeera operations carried out a security operation in Zawia village, which resulted in the discovery of 3 homemade rockets' launchers and 3 guided missiles and 120 mm mortar rounds of remnants of Daesh terrorist gangs, while another force arrested two suspects and found in a third defendant's house a Kalashnikov rifle in Qaim district. "

He continued: "The security forces in Nineveh Operations Command has been able to dismantle 15 explosive devices of different types, and found RBG7 in Tel Samman village.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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