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The Popular Mobilization Forces Foil An Attack To Daesh On Alas Oil Fields, East Of Tikrit

BAGHDAD, The popular mobilization forces on Wednesday foiled an infiltration attempt into the fields of Alas east of Tikrit and killed a number of attackers.

The popular mobilization said in a statement "six terrorists from Daesh, carrying bombers and medium weapons tried to infiltrate from Hamrin Mountains, taking advantage from bad weather to launch an attack on security points near Alas oil fields in an effort to control them."

The statement added "The popular mobilization forces are controlling the situation now, and thwarted the infiltration, killing and wounding a number of attackers," adding that "this process is a desperate attempt of Daesh to prove its existence after the series of victories achieved by the popular mobilization forces in Salahuddin and the rest of the provinces."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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