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Aoun says new government formation ‘faster than expected’

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, said Friday the formation of the new government was "faster than expected."

"Forming governments in Lebanon usually takes time because the Lebanese system is based on consensus and requires the participation of all sides in the national unity government," President Aoun told his visitors at Baabda Palace.

The Head of State also disclosed that the nation's economic development plan will be launched immediately after the new government sees the light.

"The path of reform will be completed after the ratification of a number of necessary laws pertaining to transparency," Aoun maintained.

On the other hand, Aoun urged the international community to help in resolving the Syrian refugee crisis rather than delay their return to their homeland after the end of war there.

The President welcomed this Friday at the Baabda palace a French parliamentary delegation, led by

head of the parliamentary group of the Union of Democrats and Independents of the National Assembly, MP Jean-Christopher Lagarde.

The meeting took place in the presence of MP Simon Abi Ramia.

MP Lagarde stressed the delegation's efforts to strengthen bilateral relations with Lebanon, especially in the field of parliamentary cooperation.

Aoun shed light on the deeply rooted historical relations between Lebanon and France.

On the current developments on the southern border, Aoun stressed before the delegation Lebanon's commitment to UN Resolution #1701.

Aoun also brought to attention Israel's continual violations of Lebanon's sovereignty, especially its recurrent overflights.

On the other hand, Aoun met with the Chairman of the Anglo-Arab Organization, Nazmi Ogi, accompanied with a British-European parliamentary delegation.

Ogi briefed the President on the Organization's efforts to build bridges between the United Kingdom and the Arab world.

Discussions also covered the current situation in Lebanon and the broad region.

Aoun underlined the historical relations between Lebanon and the UK, thanking the UK authorities for their aid to the Lebanese army.

Lastly, Aoun welcomed the patron of the Lady of Lebanon parish in Washington, Chorbishop Dominic Ashkar, and Eng. Gerji Emile Ashkar.

Source: National News Agency

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