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UN Security Council Unanimously Adopts Resolution on Yemen 2 United Nations

The resolution, submitted by the United Kingdom, called on the parties to implement the Stockholm Agreement in accordance with the time frames set.

It stressed the need for all parties to respect the cease-fire agreement in Hodeida, which began on 18 December, and the redeployment of forces expected in the city of Hodeida and the ports of Hodeida, Salif and Ras Issa to agreed positions outside the city and ports within 21 days of the cease-fire entering into force.

The resolution requested the UN Secretary General to submit proposals, as soon as possible before 31 December 2018, on how the United Nations would fully support Stockholm Agreement as requested by the parties, including cease-fire monitoring and mutual withdrawal of troops and to play a key role in supporting Yemen Company for Red Sea Ports in the management and inspection operations in the ports of Hodeida, Salif and Ras Issa and strengthening the presence of the United Nations in the city and its ports, and to submit a weekly report to the Security Council in this regard.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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