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5 Accused Of Terrorism, Drug Trafficking, And Theft Arrested In Different Parts Of Baghdad

BAGHDAD, Security forces in Baghdad Operations Command arrested five people accused of drug trafficking, theft and terrorism.

"A joint force of the army and the fight against terrorism arrested an accused under Article 4 of terrorism within al-Nasr and al-Salam area " victory and peace "and another accused according to the same article in Al-Dolai area by a force of the Fifth Brigade Federal Police, According to article (443 / theft crimes) in Albu Amer area by a force of the Federal Police Automated Brigade.

In addition, two suspects were arrested in connection with drug trafficking in Al-Rashad and Tariq districts, east of Baghdad, by an army force. They were handed over to the competent authorities to receive their fair punishment./ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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