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King Abdulaziz Airport’s Customs Foils five Smuggling Attempts

Jeddah, Customs of Jeddah-based King Abdulaziz International airport have foiled five attempts to smuggle a quantity of heroin, amounting to 822 grams, in addition to a 1720.10 methamphetamine grams.

The customs director Bandar al-Rahili pointed out that during the routine screening and inspection of passengers on one of the flights arriving in the Kingdom, the customs controller suspected one of the women who was on the flight, with the results of the examination proved positive.

As many as 81 capsules, containing 589 grams of heroin, were found inside her body.

The customs senior official added that an attempt to smuggle another quantity of heroin, in the same way was thwarted, with a quantity of 32 capsules or 233 grams, inside the intestine of a passenger coming from outside the Kingdom.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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