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Sabri Stresses The Need To Put Allocations Peshmerga Within The Allocations Of Iraqi Army, Not Within The Federal Ground Forces

BAGHDAD, The head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party parliamentary bloc, Vian Sabri stressed the need to put allocations of Peshmerga within the allocations of the Iraqi army, not within the federal ground forces.

She told NINA "The allocations of the Peshmerga are placed in the budget under the item within the federal forces and we do not accept it," added "the allocations are within the allocations of the Iraqi army and not within the federal ground forces."

Sabri said that " their allocations should not be within the budget of the Kurdistan region, but the allocations of the Peshmerga within the item of the Iraqi army."

The House of Representatives read yesterday the second reading of the state budget for the next year.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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