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Diplomats from 90 Countries Introduced to KAUST

Thuwal, Over 190 diplomatic representatives from around 90 countries visited King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) on Wednesday. The university, based in Thuwal, also hosted representatives from the United Nations, the World Health Organization and the European Union.

The visit illustrates the international nature of the university as it prides itself with hosting a widely diverse community of scientists and researchers whose expertise enrich KAUST as the beacon of knowledge that bridges people and cultures.

The diplomats, who represent five continents, met with the university's president, faculty members and students representing their countries and discussed their international experience at KAUST; what they brought to the hosting Kingdom and what they plan to bring back to their home countries.

The ambassadors and consuls general toured the university campus and learned about the latest research being conducted at KAUST's state-of-the-art laboratories. They were also introduced to the entrepreneurship activities that the university supports, and the startups that have spun-off from KAUST.

"The diplomatic delegation's visit to KAUST focused on facilitating cultural cooperation to attract international students and researchers," said Tony Chan, president of KAUST. "Hosting ambassadors and consuls general at KAUST is a reflection of the global talent we strive to recruit to our University," he added. With its diverse group of experts, KAUST aspires to be a destination for scientific and technological education and research and to be a catalyst of innovation, economic development and social prosperity in the Kingdom and the world.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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