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Saudi Embassy hosts book signing ceremony for Khaled Ahmed Taki’s ‘New Saudi Arabia Kingdom’

Education, Saudi Embassy in Beirut on Wednesday hosted a book-signing ceremony for Author Khaled Ahmed Taki's Book entitled "New Saudi Arabia Kingdom", attended by scores of diplomatic, cultural and media dignitaries.

Attending the ceremony had been Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon, Waleed Bukhari, United Arab Emirates Ambassador, Hamad Saeed Al Shamsi, and Yemeni Ambassador Abdullah Abdel Karim.

Editors' Syndicate dean Joseph Al-Qousaifi was also present.

In his book, published in the Arabic and English language, the author discussed the changes and transformations taking place in the Kingdom and the aspirations of the new Saudi generation for the realization of Vision 2030.

The new book is divided into seven major sections, presenting the history of the Saudi Kingdom, vision 2030 and Neom Project, employment reality, women development, tourism, and social media.

Source: National News Agency

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