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Organizing Committee of the King Abdulaziz Festival for Falcons announces end of registration in the competitions of Melwah competitions while continuing to register in Mazayen

Riyadh, The Organizing Committee of King Abdulaziz Festival for Falcons announced today the end of registration for Melwah Competition 400 m while continuing registration in Mazayen competitions until 30 January according to the announced sites for participate in the festival which will take place in Malham, north of Riyadh on January 25th.

The Saudi Falcon Club has announced the allocation of 17.630 million Saudi Riyals as cash prizes for Melwah and Mazayen competitions, which will be held as part of the activities of King Abdul Aziz Festival for falcons.

Mazayen � a falcon beauty pageant � and Melwah a falcon-calling contest (over 400 meters).

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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