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Bukhari hosts ‘Coffee Cup 4’ in Mzaar: Our gathering aims to boost communication, dialogue

Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon, Walid Bukhari, on Wednesday hosted "Coffee Cup 4" entitled "Cedars Wavelength" at the Mzaar Intercontinental Hotel in Kfardebian, highlighting the role of audio media to promote the culture of moderation.

The Gathering was attended by Caretaker Minister of State for Women's Affairs, Jean Ogasapian, UAE and Kuwaiti Ambassadors to Lebanon, Hamad Saeed Al Shamsi and Abdel Aaal Al-Qinai, in addition to Beirut Governor Ziad Shbib, President of the National Audiovisual Media Council, Abdel Hadi Mahfouz, and a visiting Saudi delegation.

The Gathering was also attended by scores of media and cultural figures, where several radio anchors and presenters were honored.

Speaking on the occasion, President of the National Audiovisual Media Council, Abdel Hadi Mahfouz, highlighted the significant role of media in public life and its impact on the public opinion.

Mahfouz called on the media to perform and promote the culture of moderation, notably in shaping and guiding public opinion.

"This can be realized through commitment to objectivity, independence, honesty, diversity, information accuracy and reliable sources," Mahfouz corroborated.

In his delivered word, Dr Hani Safi, Dean of Media Faculty at the Lebanese University Branch II, dwelt on the role of radio within the framework of audio media, hailing the renowned Lebanese radio industry for its high technology, its pluralistic diversity, and the professionalism of its workforce.

Minister Ogasapian, for his part, said "when we are speaking about moderation, we are referring to principles, values and humanitarian well as eliminating barriers and bridging the gap between societies, cultures and religions, regardless of beliefs."

Ogasapian also noted that our Arab world is mostly in need of "acknowledging one another," seeking solutions based on peace and breaking barriers between the people and the political class.

He also thanked Saudi Arabia for its permanent stand by Lebanon's just causes.

The Minister also urged the Lebanese media to continue supporting rational dialogue and recognition of the other.

Ambassador Bukhari, in turn, said that he has chosen the "snow of the Cedars" to be the venue of today's event due to its symbolic value that denotes "permanence and survival" as the synonyms of Lebanon's rubric.

The Saudi diplomat stressed that "nothing is more precious and pure than goodness and giving for the consecration of the culture of moderation, communication, dialogue, development and construction."

Bukhari said that "Coffee Cup 4" aims to pay respect and appreciation to the Lebanese media, whether audio-visual, written, or social networking sites, branding the Lebanese press as "pioneering and significant."

The Ambassador added that "Coffee Cup 4" aims to reinforce and underline the climate of communication and dialogue "to emphasize the depth of relations between our two brotherly countries and our aspiration to further develop these relations in the various fields."

Bukhari honored a number of audio presenters and anchors, in recognition of the Lebanese media in general and as a tribute and appreciation of innovation, intellect, language of dialogue, cultural rapprochement and acknowledgement of the other.

Source: National News Agency

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