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Palestinian Exports Exceed $1 billion -Premier Al-Hamdallah Says

Tolkarm, West Bank, Palestinian territories' total exports have exceeded $1 billion, Palestinian Premier Rami Al-Hamdallah said here today, adding that national industries have claimed the trust and satisfaction of the Palestinian consumer, as they constitute the main part of his purchasing basket, now, due to synergizing of all efforts to improve, enhance, examine and check, in order to level up Palestinian products ambitions with the world recognized class standards.

He asserted that such ambitions will never be crushed by blockade or isolation targeted by the Israeli occupation, pointing out that despite the occupation constraints and practices, Palestinian products, for the first time, have managed to pass the barrier of $1 billion, while the volume of foreign investment, inside the Palestinian territories has passed $3.4 billion.

Our national products are, nowadays at avail, in as many as 80 countries, all over the world, he concluded.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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