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Ruijie Networks Simplified IP Surveillance Solution in the Sharjah Stadium for Asian Cup 2019

BEIJING, Jan. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The 2019 Asian Cup is held in the UAE, and among the 51 matches, Sharjah Stadium hosts 5 matches of the group stage and 1 match of the knockout stage. To prepare, the stadium has adopted Ruijie’s simplified IP surveillance solution to fully enhance the event security.

The solution adopts the RG-IS2700-P series industrial switches, which are deployed in different locations to supply power to the cameras through PoE technology and provide fiber backhaul. The RG-S5750 core switch is connected to the access switches via fiber ports and accesses the cameras via PoE, which simplifies the solution topology and shortens the implementation period.

The RG-S5750 series switches adopt the industry’s advanced hardware architecture design, providing larger table size, faster hardware processing performance, and more convenient operation experience. The cache space available for each port is expanded by several times, greatly enhancing the forwarding performance for traffic surges. In view of the large north-south traffic of accessing the surveillance cameras and the traffic surge which may be generated due to surveillance screen changes, the caching capability of the access and interconnection ports is optimized, effectively ensuring the smoothness of the surveillance videos.

As an industrial-grade product, Ruijie RG-IS2700-P switch not only adopts mainstream industrial-grade chips, but also supports Ethernet Ring Protection Switching, CPU Protection Policy, Network Foundation Protection Policy, etc. With excellent industrial qualities like anti-vibration, dustproof and lightning protection, it adopts the fanless design and high-efficiency heat-dissipating aluminum alloy casing, which can operate stably in the temperature range of -40ºC to 75ºC and cope with the harsh outdoor environments.

Ruijie has become a network service provider for more and more major events and important international conferences. From the sports events like the Beijing Olympics, the Guangzhou Asian Games and the World Cup qualifier between China and Korea in the Helong Sports Center, to the large-scale events providing Wi-Fi for over 10,000 users such as Tencent Partner Conference, the Alibaba Computing Conference and the Summer of Suning, Ruijie has provided important support, thus receiving high recognition from the users.

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