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OIC Condemns Terminating Work of Temporary International Mission Presence, in Hebron

Jeddah, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) reiterates condemnation here today Israeli occupation's decision to end the work of Temporary International Presence Mission, in the city of Hebron, in the State of Palestine, considering the action a violation of the Geneva Conventions and international legitimacy resolutions.

OIC Secretariat-general warned of the seriousness of such Israeli decision as it constitutes flagrant breach of adopted accords and relevant UN resolutions, notably, Security Council Resolution no.904, following the dreadful massacre, at the Ibrahimi mosque sanctuary, in Hebron, in 1994.

It called on the international community to keep the mission, there, provide the Palestinian people with international protection and took necessary measurements to put an end to violations and aggressions committed by the Israeli settlers and occupation, as well.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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