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Saudi Cultural Attache, in London, Lauds Students-led Voluntary Initiatives, in accordance with Applicable Norms

London, Saudi Cultural Attache, in London, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqushi lauded Saudi students-led voluntary initiatives, taking place, in accordance with applicable norms, to best serve themselves and their fellows.

This was unfolded as Al-Maqushi addressed a meeting of Saudi students clubs heads, as they celebrate the end of the previous session and welcoming the advent of a new.

Al-Maqushi recalled, in particular, the Saudi students club initiative named: Feed Homeless, in Liverpool, pointing to its appeal and citing local newspapers hailing of such a civic campaign and exhort of humanitarian initiatives.

Noteworthy that Liverpool-based Saudi students club has launched the initiative, following a well concerted coordination with pertinent authorities, in the city, a matter that was of a great praise and appeal to the local community, as well.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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