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Shura Council Holds Dinner Banquet for a Number of Ambassadors Accredited to Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, The Fifth Parliamentary Friendship Committee of the Shura Council, chaired by the Council's member Prince Dr. Khalid bin Abdullah bin Mohammed, has held a dinner banquet for a number of ambassadors accredited to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

They are: Michele Cervone, European Union Delegation Ambassador to the Kingdom; Francois Gouyette, French Ambassador to the Kingdom; Dominique Mineur, Belgian Ambassador to the Kingdom and Georg Postinger, Austrian Ambassador to the Kingdom.

The Chairman of the Committee welcomed the guests of the Council at the event, which took place yesterday, pointing out that the Fifth Parliamentary Friendship Committee has sought to hold this ceremony to extend bridges of communication and to activate its work and the objectives that the Committee seeks to achieve.

The dinner banquet was attended by a number of members of the Shura Council's Fifth Parliamentary Friendship Committee and other members of the Council.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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