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Sharm El Sheikh Summit Declaration Announced 2 Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

7- We reaffirmed our common positions on the Middle East Peace Process, including on the status of Jerusalem, and on the illegality under international law of Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. We reiterated our commitment to reaching a two-state solution on the basis of all relevant UN resolutions, as the only realistic way to end the occupation that began in 1967, including of East Jerusalem, and to achieve a just, lasting and comprehensive peace between Israelis and Palestinians through direct negotiations between the parties that addresses all final status issues. We recalled the importance of upholding the historic status quo for the holy sites in Jerusalem, including with regard to the Custodianship of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. We reaffirmed the indispensable role of UNRWA and the need to support it politically and financially in order to allow it to continue fulfilling its UN mandate. We expressed our concern about the humanitarian, political, security and economic situation in the Gaza Strip, and called for all parties to take immediate steps to produce a fundamental change to the better in full respect of international law, including human rights and humanitarian law, especially with respect to the protection of civilians.

8- We had constructive, serious and thorough discussions on recent developments in Syria, Libya and Yemen, and on ways to make progress towards reconciliation and sustainable and peaceful political solutions, in line with relevant UN resolutions. We affirmed the need to preserve the unity, sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of these countries. We reaffirmed our commitment to the UN-led processes and our full support to the UN Special Envoys for Syria and Yemen and to the UN Special Representative for Libya.

9- On Syria, we believe that any sustainable solution requires a genuine political transition in line with the 2012 Geneva communique and the relevant UNSC resolutions, in particular resolution 2254. We condemned all acts of terrorism and human rights violations committed against the Syrian people by any perpetrators and underlined the need for all those responsible to be held accountable. Our respective policy towards Syria shall be conducted in step with tangible progress towards the achievement of a peaceful political settlement to the Syrian conflict.

10- On Libya, we expressed our support for UN efforts and the implementation of the Libyan Political Agreement of 2015. We called on all Libyans to engage in good faith in UN-led efforts aimed at bringing Libya's democratic transition to a successful end and to refrain from any action that might escalate tensions, further jeopardize security and undermine the stabilization process. In this regard we support the UN Special Representative's action plan.

11- On Yemen, we welcomed the Stockholm agreement in particular the ceasefire on Hodeidah, and the adoption of the UNSC Resolutions 2216, 2451 and 2452. We recalled our concern for the dire humanitarian situation where millions are gravely affected, and called for the safe, rapid and unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid and personnel, and of commercial supplies, to those in need, and called upon all concerned parties to work constructively towards a lasting and inclusive political settlement for the benefit of the people of Yemen.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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