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OIC Denounces US Recognition of Israeli Sovereignty over Occupied Syrian Golan Heights

Jeddah, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) denounced here today US administration recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Golan Heights.

OIC considered that the decision falls in the framework to impose the status quo of the Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights, reasserting that such a move is a flagrant violation of the international law and the UN relevant resolutions, notably the UN resolutions No.242, in 1967 and No.497, in 1981.

Secretariat General of the organization reaffirmed that the US decision does not change the legal status of the Syrian Golan Heights, as it is an occupied Arab Syrian territories, according to the international law and the UN relevant resolutions, urging all countries, all over the world, to honor the international legitimacy resolutions and not to recognize any measurement or procedure that would contravene them, in regard of the Syrian occupied Golan Heights.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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