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Jordanian King Says Palestinian Cause Will Remain Arabs’ Foremost Concern

Tunis, Jordan's King Abdullah reaffirmed on Sunday that the Palestinian cause has been and will always remain the foremost concern for all Arabs, noting that addressing this cause must be in line with Arab constants.

"The Palestinian cause must remain Arabs' core and primary cause," King Abdullah said, delivering Jordan's address at the opening of the 30th Ordinary Session of the Council of the League of Arab States at the Summit Level in Tunisia.

The King also referred to the violations against Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, aimed at changing the city's history and identity. "I reaffirm that Jordan, in accordance with our Hashemite Custodianship over Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, will persist in undertaking its historical role to safeguard these holy sites," the King said.

"We meet today as many difficulties and challenges facing our peoples demand that we live up to their aspirations," the King added at the Summit.

The King stressed the importance of the positive developments in Iraq, citing the success of the political process and the formation of the government. "We in Jordan look forward to working closely with our Iraqi brethren to translate our distinguished bilateral ties into opportunities and programmes on the ground," the King said.

Turning to Syria, the King reiterated Jordan's steadfast position that there is no alternative to a political solution that safeguards the territorial integrity of Syria and the unity of its people, and guarantees the safe and voluntary return of refugees to their homeland.

"Jordanians, on behalf of the international community and the region, have welcomed their Syrian brothers and sisters and shared their livelihood with them. We will continue to do so until they are safely back in their homeland," the King said.

The King noted that supporting countries hosting refugees and enabling them to continue to undertake this duty is a joint responsibility.

"As for the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, our position remains that the Golan is occupied Syrian territory, according to international law and UN resolutions," the King said.

The King said Arab societies have suffered and continue to suffer from the scourge of terrorism. "The khawarej of our time, the outlaws of Islam, seek to destroy the social fabric of our communities and distort our true Arab and Islamic identity, as well as our heritage rooted in mercy, tolerance, and respect for the sanctity of human lives," the King noted.

Despite the defeat of Daesh in Iraq and Syria, the danger it poses has not ceased, the King added, calling for countering this dark ideology by working within a holistic approach that addresses the security, ideological, and development tracks. "Our Arab challenges transcend borders. No country alone can defend its interests, counter foreign interventions and greed, and prosper without its Arab strategic depth," the King said.

"We are hopeful that this Summit will be a positive turning point to reach united positions and joint visions to counter the challenges we face and capitalize on the opportunities before us, for shared challenges can only be overcome with a shared will," the King concluded.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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