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Makkah Road Initiative Supervisory Committee Continues to Prepare for its Implementation, in Malaysia, Indonesia, for Hajj Season 1440H

Kuala Lumpur, The supervisory committee of Makkah Road Initiative continues its tour in a number of countries to follow up implementation of the initiative, in progress, at accredited airports, in Malaysia and Indonesia, to discuss the possibility of implementing it, in applying countries, for during the Hajj season 1440H, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Tunisia.

The committee has held a meeting with the Malaysian side in the presence of Malaysian Deputy Director General of Immigration Affairs Mohammed bin Wan Yousef and representatives of other Malaysian government agencies.

During the tour, the committee has inspected arrangements for implementing the initiative for Malaysian pilgrims for the Hajj season 1440H. It also has toured Kuala Lumpur International Airport for implementing the joint work mechanism and to discuss relevant arrangements with representatives of Malaysian authorities.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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