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Nasrallah: Achievements made in Lebanon neither owed to Americans nor to their subordinates

Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah this Wednesday said "what we enjoy today in Lebanon of achievements, victories, security, internal peace, deterrent power, and stability is mostly owing to your sacrifices. These achievements made in Lebanon are neither favors nor gifts by the Americans, or America's allies and subordinates," saluting every Lebanese military and civilian martyr.

To the wounded he said, "You are living witnesses After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, this day was devoted a day for the Guards of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. I announce this day a tribute to the wounded of the resistance, (...) a tribute to prisoners; prisoners who were and are still in captivity."

"What we have of security and peace were established by our martyrs, our captives and our wounded. Terrorists, devils and conspirators are not entitled to come to Lebanon and rave about how we owe them our stability and peace," Nasrallah maintained.

"America is not only supportive of terrorism; the US administration is terrorist, its mindset is terrorist, its practices are terrorist, and we stand in the face of this terrorist whose greatest manifestations was the massacre of Hiroshima," he said.

"America is humiliating an entire nation for the sake of Israel, (...) deeming as terrorists the defenders of the land, the sanctities and the dignities. This is the epitome of insolence and stupidity," the Hezbollah chief went on to say, touching on USA's "audacity" to have depicted the Revolutionary Guard terrorists.

"Classifying an official military force recognized by the world as terrorist is indeed a precedent," he argued.

Nasrallah stressed accordingly that Hezbollah utterly "condemns and denounces this decision. We stand by our brothers and loved ones and recognize their immense help in defending Islam, the nation, sanctities and peoples of the region."

"They [Americans] seek to reformulate the Middle East, and their subordinates have helped them [interfere] in the region. However, our people and some peoples have stood up to this project and defeated it. We do not feel weak; putting us on the list of terrorism is proof enough that we are strong. Had we been unable to face their projects, they would not have put restrictions on us," Nasrallah corroborated.

"They have made this unprecedented step of putting the Iranian Revolutionary Guard on the list of terrorism because the latter is the central, most powerful, most important and most influential force. This reflects the disappointment of US President Donald Trump and that of the Americans," he said.

"It is our right and our moral duty to confront all those whose actions can threaten our people, our country or our resistance. Naturally, our arms are extended and our options are many, but at the right time and when there is any action that urges a reaction there will be just the right reaction," he warned.

"We express our sincere feelings to the Iranian people. What the Iranians are doing today is an example and a humane and moral model in the face of the American brutality, which prevents aid from reaching Yemen and bans Iranians abroad from sending money to their families," Sayyed Nasrallah added.

On the subject of Yemen, he said: "We entered the fifth year of the American-Saudi-British aggression on the people of Yemen; (...) a scene of aggression, massacres, killing and terrorism, (...) and besieged people fighting and demonstrating steadfastness. (...) Originally, when the "Hazm Storm" operation began, there was a bet that Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman or the Saudi leadership could resolve the battle within a few weeks. (...) What would have happened if Saudi Arabia had prevailed in Yemen in a matter of weeks or months? Paying for the victory of Bin Salman in Yemen would have been the Palestinian people and the Palestinian cause, as Saudi Arabia is drowned in the issue of settling the Palestinian cause in favor of Israel."

"The defeat of Saudi Arabia at the hands of the army and the popular committees in Yemen is now protecting Al-Quds, Palestine and every Arab land still under occupation � donated by Trump to the Israelis and the Zionists. The oppressed in Yemen are also fighting and struggling in order to maintain little dignity to the governments and peoples of the Gulf, next to defending their own dignities and land."

"Now that the Israeli elections are over, Benjamin Netanyahu will probably return to form a right-wing Zionist government. We stand before a new phase in the relations between Trump and Netanyahu. Trump is in fact offering presents to Netanyahu. We are ahead of a major juncture pertaining to our land and sea borders. The concern expressed by some officials on the fate of the Shebaa hills is justified, but the matter is linked to our national will and not to Trump's," he urged.

"The US provocative policy continues to sow sedition in Lebanon. We are not in a state of decline; our rise raises Trump's concern," Nasrallah asserted.

"I ask the Lebanese people not to listen to Trump and Pompeo. Bear in mind the countries that have been (...) destroyed by American-Israeli conspiracies and some Gulf money," he said.

"When it comes to Lebanon, the only road to take is unity and resistance if we wish it to remain free, independent and prosperous," the Hezbollah Secretary General concluded.

Source: National News Agency

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