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JIAT Reviews Some Reports on Allegations against Coalition Forces to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen 2 Riyadh

With regard to Human Rights Watch report issued in June 2015 stating that a Coalition's air raid hit Almunadhel Hassan Fayed School at 08:30 am on 11/05/2015 where the corner of the building sustained an aerial attack, a strike on a field nearby the school, and another strike on an open area at 200 meters from the school, without victims.

JIAT has vetted the possibility of the incident, and following verification of all related documents; including the procedures and Rules of Engagement, Daily Mission Schedule, After Mission Report, video recordings of the mission, satellite imagery and evidence evaluation, provisions and principles of IHL and its customary rules, and assessment of evidences including the intelligence relied on and sources of these information, JIAT found that, based on intelligence reports confirmed that the Houthi armed militia use several schools as command and control centers in Saada Governorate, including (Almunadhel Hassan Fayed) School.

The Coalition Forces concentrated surveillance and reconnaissance operations, and on Sunday 10/05/2015 the Coalition Forces detected armed vehicles and militiamen coming out from the headquarters of a prominent commander heading to the school of the allegation. They stayed inside the school until late at night. Due to the Houthi armed militia activity and participation of the military operations in the school of the allegation, the legal protection of civil properties accourding to Article 52 para 3 of the first additional protocol of Geneva Conventions.

The armed vehicles and Houthi militiamen present in the school of the allegation are a high-value legitimate military target according to Article 52 para 3 of the first additional protocol of Geneva Conventions.

JIAT found that the Coalition Forces took the possible precautions to avoid inflicting human losses or damages accidently to civil properties and reduce them to the minimum by choosing a suitable time for targeting and using guided bombs commensurate with the size and type of the target in accordance with Article 57 of the first additional protocol of Geneva Conventions and customary rules number 15 and 17.

After reviewing the documents of the military operation and analysing the satellite images of the targeting locations, JIAT found that a bomb fell on a building of the alleged school and two bombs deviated; one fell on a field near the school and the other fell on an empty land about 200 meters from the school causing no damages due to technical fault in the aircraft's targeting system after which the operation was stopped.

In the light of that, JIAT concluded that the procedures of the Coalition forces in targeting (Almunadhel Hassan Fayed School) are correct and in accordance the IHL and its customary rules.

JIAT recommends that it is proper to provide assistance in view of the bomb that fell on field due to technical fault in the aircraft's targeting system.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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