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JIAT Reviews Some Reports on Allegations against Coalition Forces to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen 4 Riyadh

Regarding the Amnesty International Report issued on October 2015 that on June 8, 2015 an air strike by the Coalition Forces hit a farm at (Bani Muaz) area northwest of Saada city, killing three children and two women, and injuring two other children and an elderly man, leaving a hole of 10-meter diameter.

The Joint Incidents Assessment Team has vetted the possibility of the incident, and following verification of all related documents; including the procedures and Rules of Engagement, Daily Mission Schedule, After Mission Reports, video recordings of the missions, satellite imagery, provisions and principles of the international humanitarian law and customary rules, and evidence evaluation, JIAT found out that on Monday 08/06/2015, based on intelligence reports that there was a gathering of Al-Houthi armed militia in big numbers in and around an isolated building at Bani Muaz area 11 km west of Saada city and 45 km from the international border of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This was considered as a legitimate military target of high value which destruction would achieve a military advantage according to Article 52/2 of the Additional Protocol (I) to the Geneva Conventions.

With the degrees of verification (intelligence) stating the existence of Houthi armed militia concentrations were in big numbers at the allegation site to support the war efforts based on Customary Rule 16. The building lost its legal protection of the civil properties due to be used by Houthi armed militia in supporting the military effort in a violation of Article 52/3 of the Additional Protocol (I) to the Geneva Conventions.

Therefore, on Monday 08/06/2015 at 11:35 am, the Coalition Forces executed an air mission on the target (Concentrations of Houthi armed militia in big numbers in and around a building) with one guided bomb that hit the target.

JIAT found that the Coalition air forces has taken the possible precautions to prevent and minimize accidental loss or damage to civilian objects based on Article 57 of Additional Protocol I to Geneva Conventions an Customary Rule 15 by the use of one guided bomb of accurate hit, which was proportion with the target. Before executing the mission, it was checked that there no civilians at the targeted site in remote isolated area.

In light of the foregoing, JIAT found that the procedures taken by the Coalition Forces were correct in targeting the gathering of Houthi armed militia in big numbers in and around a building, and that it is in accordance with IHL and its Customary Rules.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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