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JIAT Reviews Some Reports on Allegations against Coalition Forces to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen 5 Riyadh

With regard to allegation from the National Committee of investigation in human rights violations stating that on 09/05/2015 the Coalition forces shelled a house near (Al-Rowaisan) School in (Al-Zaher) Directorate. The shelling led to the death of 1 person and injury of 4 others.

JIAT has vetted the possibility of the incident, and following verification of all related documents; including the procedures and Rules of Engagement, Daily Mission Schedule, After Mission Report, video recordings of the mission, satellite imagery and evidence evaluation, provisions and principles of IHL and its customary rules, and assessment of evidences including the intelligence relied on and their sources, JIAT found out that based on intelligence from highly credible sources reporting a weapons storage and a gathering of Houthi leaders with their militiamen at (Al-Hemiqan) area, (Al- Baydhaa) Governorate, which are considered legitimate military targets of high value, and their destruction would achieve a military advantage based on the Article 52 para 2 of the first additional protocol of Geneva Conventions.

As there was verification through (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations) according to the Customary Rule 16, and the loss of the legal protection of civil properties (the building) due to being used in effective participation of the military efforts supporting the Houthi militia violating of Article 52 para 3 of the first additional protocol of Geneva Conventions.

Thus, on Sunday 10/05/2015 the Coalition Forces conducted an air mission against two targets: the building used as (weapons storege) and (the gathering of Houthi leaders with their militiamen) using guided bombs, which hit the first target (weapons storge). The execution of the second target was cancelled due to escaping of the armed Houthi personnel from the location.

Moreover, the Coalition forces taken the possible precautions to prevent and minimize accidental loss or damage to civilian properties, by the use of a guided bomb, which was proportion with the building size in an isolated area. in accordance with Article 57 of Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions and Customary Rules (15 and 17).In light of that, JIAT found that the procedures taken by the Coalition Forces were correct in dealing with the legitimate military target (the building) in accordance with IHL and its Customary Rules.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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