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House Speaker: Iraq Stood Strong After Defeating Daesh, Defending Itself And Its Neighbors / More

BAGHDAD, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halboussi confirmed that "Iraq stood firm and strong after defeating Daesh, defending itself and its neighbors."

He said in a speech at the opening of the Baghdad Summit of the Parliaments of neighboring countries of Iraq: It is a historic day that all our neighbors honor us on a dear occasion to our hearts.. Welcome to the Land of Mesopotamia the home of the Prophets and the land of Prophet Mohammad's Family (Ahl al-Bait) and his Sahaba (Friends), poets, writers, Assyrians and Babylonians.. Welcome to the country of martyrs and the Forum of races and culture.

Al Halboussi said: "Here Iraq stands strong again after its heroic fight against terrorism on behalf of its neighbors and friends and achieved great victory by the unity of its people and support of its religious authority and the unity of its people.

He added: "The people have suffered difficult conditions from the occupation of terrorism and the displacement of millions, but it remains a proud and strong, and today it is regaining its place among the countries of the region that supported it in its historic confrontation against terrorism, thank you behalf of the Iraqi people and thank our international partners in the difficult circumstances and to achieve victory over the military presence of terrorism. And we go to eliminate its thought so as Iraq returns independent and secured from the north to the south and all displaced people return to their areas after reconstructing them.

Al-Halboussi said: Iraq is no longer concerned about axes and alliances, but today is going to partnerships and common interests and social cohesion. While we sign with Iran memorandums of understanding, we sign other with Saudi Arabia in addition, its relations with Kuwait are important and vital after it was the starting point for the reconstruction of Iraq and Baghdad has economic plans with Turkey, which is moving forward with confident steps and another with Syria to open the border port with it and with Jordan through common interests. "

He stressed "The need for this historic meeting to be regular to discuss developments and develop solutions among the countries of the region for the security and stability of the region and its peoples through commitments between us and we emphasize that Iraq is keen on the security and stability of its neighbors and the region."

He expressed the hope that "these meetings will produce the desired results, starting together a joint project among the countries of the region to strengthen relations by voting in our parliaments and creating economic and social partnerships."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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