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More than twenty Saudi companies participate in the Erbil International Exhibition for Building

BAGHDAD, Twenty-two Saudi companies will participat under the umbrella of Saudi Arabia's pavilion at the Erbil International Exhibition for Building, which is being held in the city of Erbil between April 22 and 25.

Saudi Arabia's exports to Iraq are participating for the third time in a row from the Baghdad International Fair and the 7th International Oil and Gas Exhibition in 2017. Today, it is participating represented by the Kingdom's pavilion at the Erbil International Building Exhibition.

"The Kingdom, represented by the Saudi Export Development Authority, intends to open a new border port of Arar in the near future, in cooperation with the relevant authorities, which will greatly help to raise the value of trade exchange and strengthen relations between the two countries," the statement said, pointing to the Suadi exports to Iraq during the past five years amounted to 10 billion Saudi riyals, while it reached 2.4 billion Saudi riyals in 2018.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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