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Pakistan’s Scholars Demand Dismantling Terrorist Networks and Camps in Iran

Islamabad, Scholars in Pakistan, denounced today Iranian attempts to export terrorism to their country, demanding the dismantling of networks and camps of terrorist organizations in Iran, which they describe as a threat to the security and stability of neighboring countries.

Chairman of Ahl Al-hadeeth Society, Senator Sajid Mir said that the involvement of an Iranian-based terrorist organization in the attack in which as many as 14 Pakistani soldiers were killed in Pakistan's Baluchistan province is a very unfortunate development that indicates the negative role Iran is playing against Islamic countries.

He added that religious forces in Pakistan are united against any attempt to stir up sectarian differences in their country.

On the other hand, Chairman of Pakistan's Ulema Council Sheikh Taher Mahmoud Ashrafi warned of the Iranian interference in the Pakistani affairs.

In a press statement today, he said that the recent attack in Baluchistan province is yet another proof that Iran harbor and support terrorist organizations operating against Pakistan.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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