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State Security Presidency discloses plans set by terrorists targeting the country’s security and potentials

Riyadh, In a pre-emptive move, the State Security Presidency (SSP) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has monitored clues which led to discovering a series of arrangements set by terrorists targeting the security and potentials of the country, and accordingly, arresting as many as 13 persons, the official spokesman of the SSP disclosed today.

In a statement, he said the pre-emptive operation which was launched early Monday corresponding to Monday April 22, 2019, led to the capture of the following:

1- Faisal bin Mohammed Al-Khodair (I.D. No. 1092668779)

2- Abdulrahman bin Ibrahim Al-Mansour (I.D. No. 1030383762)

3- Ayoub bin Abdulrahman Al-Dawood (I.D. No. 1063404170)

4- Abdulrahman bin Abdullah Al-Dawood (I.D. No. 1005509185)

5- Abdulrahman bin Homood Al-Homood (I.D. No. 1078880588)

6- Musaab bin Maddallah Al-Madeed (I.D. No. 1081019414)

7- Abdullah bin Hamad Abdullah Al-Homaidi (I.D. No. 1133999456)

8- Abdulrahman Abdulaziz bin Yousef Al-Diwaish (I.D. No. 1032693382)

9- Abdul-Elah bin Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz Al-Diwaish (I.D. No. 1101832705)

10- Mohammed bin Abdulaziz bin Yousef Al-Diwaish (I.D. No. 1029196704)

11- Abdulrahman bin Saud Ibrahim Al-Suwaiket (I.D. No. 1075144194)

12- Sayel bin Saleh bin Zaid Al-Olaiq (I.D. No. 1110364401)

13- Zaid bin Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Osaimi (I.D. No. 1007038043)

The statement confirmed the determination of the State Security Presidency to pursue terrorist elements in the Kingdom who are implementing agenda of suspicious parties trying hard to harm this country and its stability. "But this country, led by its prudent leadership, will remain safe and stable despite the detrimental plots of others", the statement added.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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