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The Reform Alliance calls on the three Presidencies to consider steps to remove Iraq from the conflict in the region

BAGHDAD, The Parliamentary bloc for the Alliance of Reform and Reconstruction called of the three Presidencies, the Republic and the Representatives and Ministers, to hold an urgent meeting and examine the statement of the leader of the Sadrist movement and what can be taken in connection with the removal of Iraq from the conflict raging in the region in accordance with the solutions proposed by Sadr.

The head of the bloc Sabah al-Saadi called the leadership and political bodies of the Alliance of Reform and Reconstruction for a joint urgent meeting to develop a road map to move on the other forces and political Alliances partner in the homeland.

Al-Saadi also called for the formation of committees to develop the features of bilateral and tripartite agreements with Iran and Saudi Arabia to preserve the sovereignty of Iraq and cooperation with the neighbors, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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