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JIAT Reviews a Number of Incidents and Refutes Allegations 2 Riyadh

Regarding the report of the National Commission to investigate allegations of human rights violations in Yemen, it was stated that at (5:00) pm on (14/12/2017), the Coalition Forces bombed houses in the village of al-(Qataba) in (Al-Khawkhah) Directorate in (Al-Hudaydah) governorate, killing (21) people and wounding (4) others.

The JIAT verified the incident and reviewed all documents, including procedures and rules of engagement, daily mission schedule, after mission report, mission video recordings, satellite images, provisions and principles of international humanitarian law and customary rules, and assessment of evidences, JIAT found that in the course of armed clashes between Coalition Forces and Al-Houthi armed militia. The Coalition Land Forces requested a Close Air Support (CAS) for being under direct fire from Al-Houthi armed militia that were fortified in two buildings, it was also confirmed by the surveillance system, which makes it a legitimate military target of a high value where its destruction will achieve a military advantage, and drops its legal protection of civilian objects in accordance with Article (52) paragraphs (2/3) of the First Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions.

On Thursday (14/12/2017) at (1:13) PM, the Coalition Forces carried out a Close Air Support mission (CAS) for the ground forces on (3) military targets, consisting of armed groups fortified in (two buildings) and (shooting site) of the Al-Houthi armed militia in an area of armed clashes with land forces in (Al-Khawkhah) Directorate (Al-Hudaydah) governorate using guided bombs that hit their targets directly.

The JIAT studied the claim (time and location of the targeting) and compares it with the executed mission, it was found that the nearest target area was (11.7) kilometers away from the coordinates of the claim and (2.4) km away from the village of (Qataba), and the time of the targeting differs by (4) hours from what was stated in the claim. The JIAT through continuous follow-up of the military events in Yemen (during the time and location of the claim), as well as intelligence reports and credible news sources that the Al-Houthi armed militia targeted the (Kataba) villages with Katyusha rockets, In the light of that, JIAT concluded that the Coalition Forces did not target the village of (Qataba) in (Al-Khawkhah) Directorate in (Al-Hudaydah) Governorate. The JIAT also verified the actions taken by the Coalition Forces to target Al-Houthi armed militia groups in two buildings and that they comply with the provisions of international humanitarian law and its customary rules.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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