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Nasrallah marking Badreddine’s third commemoration: Israelis who enter Lebanon will be destroyed on mainstream media

Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, on Thursday heaped praise on late Hezbollah commander, Mustafa Badreddine, deeming him one of the first resistance fighters who confronted the Israeli enemy.

Commander Badreddine was a faithful and smart fighter who was strongly concerned about the Israeli occupation of his country and Palestine, Nasrallah said, shining light on the martyr's enthusiasm and persistence to defend his country, Palestine, and other rightful causes.

Nasrallah's words came in a speech he delivered during a ceremony held by Hezbollah in Beirut's southern suburbs marking the third commemoration of Badriddine's martyrdom.

Badriddine, known as Sayyed Zoulfiqar, was a senior Hezbollah military commander. He was martyred after the area operated by Hezbollah fighters near Damascus International Airport was subjected to shelling by terrorists groups. Ansariya ambush was one of the major military achievements of Sayyed Badreddine, according to Nasrallah.

Touching on the domestic scene, Nasrallah said that Lebanon and the Lebanese Resistance were being subjected to an intimidation campaign vis-a-vis Lebanon's maritime and land borders, as well as regarding Shebaa Farms and Lebanon's power represented by the army-resistance-people equation.

The US is seeking Lebanese concessions on the land and sea border issue, as well as on Shebaa farms � all for the benefit of the Israeli enemy, Nasrallah said, warning the Lebanese not to allow anyone to undermine them because Lebanon is strong in its army, its people, and its resistance (...) and this force is real and serious."

For as long as the state, the government, and the parliament deem Shebaa farms a Lebanese land, we deem the matter settled, Nasrallah said, recounting Hezbollah's liberation day back in the year 2000, when the party declared commitment to liberate any occupied land that the state declared Lebanese.

I would like to reassure you, on the behalf of your brothers in the Islamic Resistance, that the Israeli teams and brigades that consider entering south Lebanon will be sabotaged and destroyed in front of the eyes of mainstream media and international television screens, Nasrallah added; however, he doubted the Israeli enemy's readiness to launch a war on Lebanon.

All in 'Israel' know that any war on Lebanon needs to be decisive and swift, he explained.

Shifting to the Syrian scene, Nasrallah said that his party was more convinced today than ever that Hezbollah's decision to go into Syria was rightful.

What happened in Syria was a US-Israeli-Saudi conspiracy; it was not change into democracy. (...) How could ISIL control 40 percent of Syria and half Iraq without funding, military and media support by several states in the region? Nasrallah wondered.

ISIL is made by the US in a bid to stand against all those who confront the US-Israeli scheme in the region, and that's what US officials themselves have said, he added.

In the same vein, Nasrallah said that ISIL was over as a 'caliphate' and a state but it still poses a threat.

Turning to US President, Donald Trump, Nasrallah said, So far he [Trump] had kept all his election campaign promises regarding the so-called 'deal of century' and has been simultaneously milking Saudi Arabia. (...) I feel pity for Saudi King after Trump's humiliation of him in his latest remarks.

Furthermore, he added that the $450 billion which Trump said he had been offered by Saudi Arabia were for Muslims. Al Saud had no right to give them to the US, Nasrallah said.

Source: National News Agency

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